Veterans Employment-Related Assistance Program (VEAP)

VYCC provides priority of service to Veterans

Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative Center invites you to join our VEAP program that encourages all local businesses to hire Veterans as a first choice.

Veterans / Job Seekers

The VYCC VEAP program is available to provide veterans and transitioning service members with the resources and services to succeed in our emerging job market by maximizing their employment/training opportunities and meeting labor-market demands with qualified veterans and certifications.

VYCC Employment Representatives conducts daily orientations for qualifying Veterans. VYCC outreach to employers and engage in advocacy efforts with hiring executives to increase employment opportunities for veterans, encourage the hiring of disabled veterans, and generally assist veterans to gain and retain employment.

VYCC Services We Provide

  • Priority Job Referral
  • Career Counseling
  • Career Assessment
  • Employment Assessment
  • Job Development
  • Education Assessment
  • Job Search Workshops
  • Resume Assistance

For Employers

All across Southern California, Veterans of our armed forces have returned home after serving courageously on the world’s battlefields.  Local businesses can give these veterans the ultimate “thank you” by hiring them and allowing them the opportunity for employment.

Many businesses have come to recognize how Veterans and members of our Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve forces possess the degree of training, education, motivation, and character that will prove vital to California’s economic future.  We encourage you to consider what our Veterans have endured for each of us as well as the benefits to your business when you look first to Veterans when hiring.