Career Training

Career training programs consist of several lessons that help students learn the ins and outs of the industry they’re studying, but they don’t have any of the general education courses that associate and bachelor’s programs require students to complete. It is suitable for all persons looking to work in the private or public sector, or who have been out of employment for a while and are looking to re-enter the job market.

  • Office Occupation Specialist
  • NRF – Customer Service and Sales
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Specialist
  • Safety Risk and Management
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Security Training Arm and Unarmed
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certification
  • OSHA 30 Certification
  • Logistic-Training

Keys to Success
Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative is convinced that in order for our students to develop and thrive in our communities they must take the initiative and responsibility for their future. Many of our students have the capacity to inspire, mobilize, grow, and give back to the communities they live in. Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative is committed to empowering our students by developing these capacities and challenging them to take responsibility.

Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative knows that the key to success is only achieved through education and that it is the first step along the path to obtaining certifications and degrees, which will ensure viable employment opportunities for their future. Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative is fully committed to empowering individuals to develop interpersonal skills of problem-solving, planning, and time management which are highly sought-after skills in today’s demanding workforce.

Description of Business
The purpose and vision of the Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative are to provide students with vocational training employment programs and educational services in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative utilizes demographic statistics, labor market, industry, and occupational analysis to impact communities in the surrounding areas that are in need of community employment services. Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative analysis industrial growth and shortfalls within the region to identify target industries for business and workforce development trends. The labor market analysis is utilized to develop comprehensive employment strategies to aid students and youth with meaningful employment opportunities in the communities of Los Angeles County.

Support Services

Information about VYCC Support Services
Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative is proud to provide a wide range of support services to students to make sure they get the most out of their education. Services include:

  • Career Development
  • Testing Center
  • Job Placement Assistance
Student Service 1
Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative will give you the extra help you need to get ahead.

Career Development

Career development is handled by our school Career Case Managers. The case manager meets with new students and discusses their career plans. The case manager is able to obtain student information and feedback by listening, evaluating previous work experience, provide skills assessment, and asking questions.

Career Case Managers will prepare you to conduct an extensive job search and will teach you the most effective techniques that will help you land the job you want. We will also prepare you to answer the most common employer questions and handle many different types of interviews.

Our Career Case Managers know what an employer is looking for in the hiring process. We will help you prepare an effective resume and cover letter and will explain how to use them efficiently. We will also spend a considerable amount of time uncovering new job leads. We regularly contact employers on behalf of our students and work with an extensive database of employers who have hired our students and graduates over the years. While we expect you to work hard on your own job search, we will work just as hard as you do.

All individuals that are seeking employment are always welcome to use the resources that the Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative has to offer to find employment. We know from our graduates and currently enrolled students that achieving success requires the support of many. The Career Case Managers are here to provide you with the necessary tools in order for you to succeed in your chosen career.

Job Placement 2
Our Career Case Managers are available to help students prepare for the hiring process.

Testing Center

Our school is an authorized Certiport and NFR testing center, which provides students the opportunity to test for Microsoft and Customer Service certifications on campus.

Job Placement Assistance

Traditional job searches are time-consuming, and you never quite know what you’re getting into when you take a leap. VYCC has been helping talented people reach their goals over the years.

We start by learning everything we can about you. We look beyond just your skills and resumes to understand your experience, interests, and goals, and together we paint a picture of your ideal opportunity.

Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative works constantly to maintain strong ties with industry within the community and maximize student job opportunities.

  • Contact Companies
  • Attends job fairs
  • Assist students in resume writing
  • Conduct mock interviews for the students
Job Placement 1
Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative has a full-time job placement assistant on staff.

The VYCC Advantage

  • Opportunities that are not advertised to the public.
  • Detailed information on the positions we recommend and the employer looking for talent.
  • The assurance that you’ll fit in with the culture of employers we recommend.
  • Pre-interview preparation helps you understand what the decision-maker is looking for.
  • Positions that truly align with the goals you’ve defined for your career.
  • Confidential searches that allow you to stay focused on your current role.

It is important for students to remember job placement is a two-way street. Candidates must actively send out their resumes and work closely with our school’s Case Managers to find which place of employment will be the best one for them.

As a Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative graduate, you’ll feel fully supported by your Job Placement Assistance team throughout any job search efforts.

Student Retention – Your Satisfaction & Success is Our Top Priority

Student retention is a strong area for the Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative. Attendance sheets are turned in to the case managers. If a student misses a class without an excuse, the student is contacted by the case manager. If the case manager is unable to resolve the issue or contact the student, the matter is turned over to the school Director of Operations who attempts to contact the student. The case manager’s goal is to help the student resolve issues, which may prevent class attendance. The case manager may telephone the student, schedule a face-to-face meeting, including the Director of Operations, or in extreme cases involve the Executive Director. The case manager may modify a student’s schedule to help the student cope with life’s stresses. The case manager may determine the student has a disability. If the student needs accommodations to continue, the case manager will work with the student. The case manager may contact state vocational services, obtain the necessary accommodation if possible, or adjust training hours or classroom conditions as applicable.