Warriors Leadership Cadet

Youth Academy

Mission Statement

Veterans & Youth Career Collaborative (VYCC) and Warriors Leadership Cadet Youth Academy (WLCYA) Leadership Cadet is designed and dedicated to helping the youth rise above and overcome their own personal limits.

The VYCC serves as an independent nonprofit organization source for No-Cost Vocational Training and a Career Resource Center for our military veterans and youth community. As an independent nonprofit organization, we are affiliated with and partnered with multiple Veteran Service Program organizations. The partnership includes both governmental and civilian sectors as part of the Veterans and Youth Workforce Services industry.

VYCC knows that the key to success is only achieved through education. It is the first step along the path to obtaining certifications and degrees, which will ensure viable employment opportunities for their future.

VYCC, through WLCYA, is fully committed to empowering the youth to develop interpersonal skills of problem-solving, planning, and time management which are highly sought-after in today’s demanding workforce.



 Warrior’s Shield



Represents Unity and Strength