About Us:

The VYCC serves as an independent source for No-Cost Vocational Training and a Career Resource Center for our military veterans and youth. As an independent nonprofit organization, we are affiliated and partnered with multiple Veteran Services Program organizations. Included in the partnership are both governmental and civilian sectors as part of the Veteran and Youth Work Force Services industry. This affords us the independence to operate free of censorship and control. The VYCC consider ourselves an extension of other organizations’ programs that are in support of our mission. The VYCC is partnered with many Veterans and Youth employment service providers to bring employment news and opportunities to our American veteran and youth communities.

Who We Are:

Coming back from military duty can be a daunting and stressful time. Finally moving on from military service into civilian life can be just as scary as frontline assault combat. Now more than ever, our valued service men and women need the country’s support and patriotism as they return home. ​The VYCC was founded and established by veterans to help all service members who are transitioning from active duty into a fulfilling civilian life. Every year, there are hundreds-of-thousands of veterans, reservists, guardsmen, and their families looking for careers as they exit their service. Our VYCC Career Center is dedicated to the placement of individuals we serve in careers that fit their extraordinary motivation, loyalty, and skills. The VYCC assists our country’s heroes in attaining gainful, meaningful employment at our proud, American, finest military-friendly companies. We match employers to candidates through the use of pertinent and dynamic career exploration, unique online tools, relationships with key partner-employers, and our longevity and experience in the military career site business.

Whether a Veteran is recently separated or have been separated for a while, the VYCC is committed to assisting our Veterans that could benefit from the assistance we provide. Veterans are welcome to use our facilities for the purpose of bettering themselves. Whether it’s with a quick update to a resume, gain interview skills and insight, or to jump into a remedial class to polish up skills.

Our History

One day, these two met randomly. One was a Work Source Manager and has been a job developer for over 15 years and has owned multiple businesses. The other was a successful businessman that has the information technology background to run multiple small businesses. The two met by chance and quickly realized that they were both from the same boot camp class when they first enlisted in the Marines. Both of them have the passion to help out veterans, they have seen far too many brothers and sisters in service not treated well. The VYCC was formed to unify their talents and passion.


Nelson Varas, Executive Director, Capt. ARNG, USMC ret.

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Nelson Varas is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the VYCC. Nelson is a native of Chile but since has planted his flag in this country, married his childhood sweetheart, is the father of 4, grandfather to 2, and served dutifully in the United States Marine Corps. Nelson quickly realized after serving in the Marines that veterans were not taking advantage of all of their benefits after they have left the service. Being as fortunate in his own life as he is, Nelson wanted to be able to connect vets to benefits. He brings over 25 years of military and business experience in the security industry, an in-depth understanding of military work-source programs and tremendous business savvy. His vision allows us to provide the highest level of service to our veterans by staying ahead of trends in security, technology and business. Mr. Varas holds a Bachelor Degree from DeVry University in Computer Information Systems and is currently serving in the United States Army National Guard as a Captain. Mr. Varas has served in both the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army for a total of over 20 years of military service.



Hector Salazar, Director of Operations, USMC ret.

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations for the VYCC and Co-Founder, Hector Salazar serves as the liaison between the employers and veterans ensuring that each achieve the highest level of employer program success and employee career success. Mr. Salazar brings a wealth of experience in business, real estate and business management. The depth of his knowledge has assisted many veterans find meaningful, fulfilling careers. His son is currently attending a military academy and will become a military officer in 2018. Hector has the courage and heart to help every veteran that comes across his reach to be well-equipped, informed and prepped for success in the work field of choice. He is fluent in English and Spanish and is a graduate of Cal-State San Bernardino University where he received his degree in Criminal Justice. He is a veteran who served proudly in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) for six years.


Cecilia Varas

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Next Steps…

The VYCC looks forward to be recognized by industry experts and organizations as a top leader in providing veterans careers and job opportunities.

Please contact VYCC to learn either how you or your company can benefit from tapping into the unique strengths and skill sets of America’s veterans.